Yule Fund

Yule Fund

An Established Folkish Tradition!

Throughout the year, WAU runs a variety of fundraisers and programs in order to provide support for our prisoners and their families and all those of our people in need. One of our most gratifying efforts is our Yuletide Fund, which involves raising funds to purchase and send Yuletide gifts to the families of our Prisoners of War on their behalf or just help the less fortunate. Our hope is to help ease the pain involved in having a mother or father incarcerated during the holidays. We have many successful Yulefund over the past decade, we were able to send the son of Murdered comrade Mark Gaudin his first bike along with many other gifts for many families as well recently money for the brave soldiers and warriors of our Folk in the Ukraine.

We cannot thank all of our supporters enough for their help in previous years and years to come; it is with your support that we are able help take care of our own and to light up some little faces when they need it most.

The WAU Sisterhood






2014: 1164.24€ to the Azov Battalion

WAU would like to extend a huge thank you to all those who have provided financial support for our Yuleyulefundsma Fund. We raised 1164.24€ (paypal took a fee of 22,84€ but still we were able to send 1142€) for the brave soldiers and warriors of our Folk in the Ukraine, which was an accomplishment due the little time we had and all the setbacks.A massive thankyou goes out to S & the guys of Vinland Hammerskins for their very generous donations, also to the SA branch of SCHS, N&R from B&H Australia, L from C38 Australia, S from Melbourne, D from SCHS P.O.T.N, K&R from B&H Slovenia, K&B from HIOP, K from Eastern C38, W from Belgium and Individuals from all over the world, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, America, Canada, Ireland, Portugal, Norway, Spain and Italy.We would also like to thank all of those who kindly spread the word of our Yule Fund. We totally exceeded our expectations and could not have achieved this without the help and support of you all.The Women of WAU would like to thank Our Folk in the Ukraine for their dedication to their people and Nation. We want to send our best regards to our friend and comrade (D.) and we hope the money we sent will be helpful!
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from 2011 to 2013

For the past years we haven’t had a Yulefund raffle as we were personally sending gifts out ourselves.

We raised enough to take care of the family who needed a little TLC

We had a last minute request from a Family who needed some help for Yule, we would like to give Thanks to Ironman1 – Crew38 Florida – B&H Canada & The Vinland Hammerskins B.C. for their donations, we raised enough to take care of the family who needed a little TLC this Yule..

134€ for prisioners in Finland and their families

This autumn WAU Finland received some item donations kello(CDs, prisoner-made clocks, clothing) and although everything had not been sold by Yule WAU raised 134,6 euro – 40 euro for prisoner support in Italy, 20 euro for a prisoner in Helsinki and 75 euro for a prisoner and his family in Eastern Finland. Thanks again to Skins4Skins and freya79, and everyone who bought the items and even donated extra. I would also like to thank V-P and other imprisoned comrades in Finland for making such beautiful items for us to sell – everyone just loved them!

500€ for a Finnish family

WAU would like to thank everyone who supported our annual Yule Fund – freebird, Baptiste, Marc, B&H Ukraine, Skins4Skins, E.D.A. Propaganda and others. In Europe we raised 500 euro for the Finnish family and 375 euro was donated after the shipping costs of sold items and raffle prizes. The mother used the money for children’s gifts, and one part she sent to the father in jail, and one part was put in save for a common trip. Below is a New Year’s card from the mother including this message and a thanks to everyone, it’s written in Finnish..

Gifts for 3 different families in the USA, Ian Gaudin first Big Boy Bike and 464€ for a family in Finland

We would like to thank you all for your tremendous support during our annual Yuletide Fund; in the USA

we were able to send gifts to 3 different families totaling 11 people. You made another Yuletide a memorable one for the Families of our Prisoners and The Gaudin Family! With all the proceeds and support were able to get Ian Gaudin his first Big Boy Bike. In Europe WAU raised 464 euro for a family in Finland whose father is in jail; thanks to people in France, Holland, Ukraine, Rumania, Italy, Finland and England for their donations and fundraising, and thanks to all who advertised this, it went better than any year before!

Many families throughout the world where helped

Another Yule Fund was a great success for WAU; we would like to thank Tuesday for all her wonderful yule3work and support on this year’s Fund. Many families throughout the world where helped this year. I think this year we helped 11 people in the USA “whew” that was hard work and a lot of shopping, lot’s of happy children and mothers… In Europe we were able to buy gifts for 4 boys, 2 girls and 3 mothers in Rumania. B&H Rumania confirmed that the gifts arrived safely and they were opened with great joy! A special thanks to Portugal where so many people bought our raffle tickets! Our member in Chile raised about $20 which was used to buy 3 T-shirts and 2 DVDs. An Argentinian comrade also donated approx. 8 dollars which enabled WAU to make 10 Christmas boots with candies and chocolates.

$600 for 9 different people, $200 to a prisioner in PA, 230€ for 2 girls in Italy

Over $600 was spent this year on 9 different people on our Yule Fund List, and we also had a little over $200 left which was donated to a prisoner in PA. Our member in Missouri had a great time buying for a 12 year-old boy; he got some great stuff and we were told by her mother the day after Yule how thrilled he was with what he got! Thanks to all who helped us with this year’s Fund, we are forever grateful for your support!In Europe WAU raised 230 euro for the Fund, and gifts were bought for 2 girls in Italy. 18 euro that remained was donated to Excalibur Publications. A big thanks to everyone who supported this Fund and helped to create a happier Yule for these children!

9 very happy youngsters

The support for our first Yuletide Fund was outstanding, we have 9 very happy youngsters thanks to you all, 4 Dads & Moms who are overjoyed also, keep up the good work comrades…


Thank you’s from some of the families who benefited from the WAU Yulefund…

“Dear *WAU*

Ian & I want thank you all for your kindness. I love the locket and the frame please tell all the ladies I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Enclosed are some pictures of Ian and his new bike he was so surprised at 6yrs old. He still believes in Santa Claus. I hope there is someway you can share the pictures with the girls.

[…] Again we both thank you and send love. I especially want to thank you ***** for all the letters of encouragement you send. Again we both thank you and send our love Kathleen and Ian.”

Kathleen’s, Missouri




The boxes caaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmeeeeeeeee!! I don’t know how I can ever thank or repay such generosity. I am feeling truly humbled.without words to express and too much emotion. It’s incredible!

The supervisor from our post office brought them over here in a truck just for them !!! And -oh my goodness- when I opened the first shipping box I almost just fell out !

The children are going to go berserk ! And there’s even one with my name on it.

Would you please give me direction as to where I might write a public letter of thanks ? A lot of people contributed and gave time and energy * especially you two.

We’ll never forget this. Our kids have been through it, and this year really was bad. My own father who I’ve always known I could rely on couldn’t help us.

There will be thank you notes from the children and photos and our most heartfelt gratitude – but what can I do ? To give back. May I please donate paintings for upcoming raffles ?

Donavan had written and asked I thank everyone on his behalf, when he got WAU’s letter he called and told me how blessed we were to have you all in our lives..

Okay – I had better get up and hide the packages *hehehehehe This is incredible ! We really do have family

Stomps and Family, CA USA

I just wanted to send WAU a special thanks for making this holiday season so special for the kids! The boys were so excited when they woke up Christmas morning. They were so happy when they saw that they both received bikes. It was pouring yesterday. They were a bit upset that I wouldn’t let them ride the bikes in the rain. They tried riding them in the house, but that didn’t go over to well.

Aryana loves her princess kitchen. She played with that for over an hour before she would open anything else. She kept telling me, “I’m busy I do it later!” She just loves it! It was the perfect gift for her! Thank you!!

When I was trying to put her to bed last night, we couldn’t find her! I was looking all over for her. I knew she hadn’t gone outside. I had the feeling that someone was watching me. All of a sudden I heard her toys in her little kitchen move. I saw eyes looking back at me through the oven glass. She took the rack out of the oven and climbed in. She wasn’t done cooking yet. She was in the oven with a plate of cookies that I had made earlier. LOL I wish my oldest daughter hadn’t taken my camera with her. It would of been a great picture to post and send to Ches.

You all did such a wonderful job putting smiles on the kids faces. I couldn’t of done it without you.

WAU is a wonderful organization! They give to those in need throughout the year. I would be lost without them. I couldn’t afford to give the kids a Christmas that they deserve. They’ve lost so much these past few years. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that I have them to lend a helping hand.

Thank you to all of you that donate to WAU!! You’re donating to a good cause. I ask anyone that has the ability to make a contribution to WAU, whether it be through a raffle, fundraiser, request for someone in need, etc. to go ahead and do so. The woman of WAU take no credit for all that they do, they keep their promises, they help families in need, they are wonderful women dedicated to our cause! Thank you WAU for everything!

The Doles Family