Yule Fund 2014

Yule Fund 2014

The WAU Yule Fund 2014 is now officially close!!! See you next year!

WAU would like to extend a huge thank you to all those who have provided financial support for our Yule Fund. We raised 1164.24€ (paypal took a fee of 22,84€  but still we were able to send 1142€) which was an accomplishment due the little time we had and all the setbacks and attacks.


A massive thankyou goes out to S & the guys of Vinland Hammerskins for their very generous donations, also to the SA branch of SCHS, N&R from B&H Australia, L from C38 Australia, S from Melbourne, D from SCHS P.O.T.N, K&R from B&H Slovenia, K&B from HIOP, K from Eastern C38, W from Belgium and Individuals from all over the world, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, America, Canada, Ireland, Portugal, Norway, Spain and Italy.

We would also like to thank all of those who kindly spread the word of our Yule Fund. We totally exceeded our expectations and could not have achieved this without the help and support of you all.

The Women of WAU would like to thank Our Folk in the Ukraine for their dedication to their people and Nation. We want to send our best regards to our friend and comrade (D.) and we hope the money we sent will be helpful!

The WAU Yule gifts and raffle prizes are all on there way, once again congrats to all the winners. The proceeds have now been sent on and the fund is officially closed! We hope we can count on you all again next year.

See you next year so we choose who we support next year..

For Our Folk,

The WAU sisterhood!



WAU Yule Fund – An Established Folkish Tradition!
This year instead of donating our yule fund profits to prisoners and families, like we have done for the past decade or so, we the women of WAU have decided to this year donate it towards helping the men, women and their families of Azov. To the brave comrades who fight for the sovereignty, the freedom and the preservation of their culture and folk. We deeply believe that people should be free to choose their own destiny, to defend their homes and live in peace, and not be held captive in the hands of terrorists!
As usual we will hold a raffle, we will sell donated items as well “FAITH, FOLK & FAMILY” bracelets. We will also accept direct money donations. If you want to make a direct money donation contact us.
As this year’s fund is slightly different, and within our movement there are some political divergences towards this subject, we have not set our goal very high. So we need all of your help to make this year’s fund the success it has been in previous years. We are not open for political discussion, if you do not agree and do not want to support our fund, don’t! We do not have time to waste arguing.
“I greet you from the depths of my heart. Earlier we sang of peace on earth in our songs. Now the time has come to fight for it. Peace through victory!”
We (WAU) are not associated directly by any means to the battalion! We are doing this because we feel it’s our duty as fighters for our peoples’ right for freedom and auto-determination, cultural and ethnic preservation!


WAU runs the annual Yule Fund since 2002, feel free to check out our previous Yule Funds.