Why I like being a part of WAU! (WAU Australia)

Why I like being a part of WAU! (WAU Australia)

There are many things I love about being a part of WAU, firstly there is the senses of belonging, for these women are not only my friends they are my family. The women of WAU are always there to pick you up when you stagger, to support you through the tough times; they are there to laugh and to cry with.

WAU is my home and it is where I feel I can give my best to help my Folk. In  WAU we don’t just talk about the 14 words, we work our hardest to achieve them, even though it is usually a lonely and thankless task. Where many organisations are all about the hate, we at WAU are about love, the love for our Folk and the love for our children and the hope for a better and brighter future for our people.

They truly are the most remarkable women I have ever known and I feel honoured to be their sister.

WAU member Australia.


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