Why I like being a part of WAU! (Evelyn)

Why I like being a part of WAU! (Evelyn)

I have been part of WAU for over half of my life, which is close to 25 years now. These wonderful women have made me laugh until my stomach hurt and who have held me when I have fallen, they are not just my sisters they are my friends, my allies, my confidants and my cheering squad.

I simply would not be me without their support and love. When you need time to concentrate on school, work, home life etc. they readily step up to support you and see what they can do to ease that load. Being part of WAU in essence is a thankless job, the world has so many weasels who try to bring us down but 25 years later we are all still standing strong, a little older and sometimes a little tired from it all but none the less still standing!

We have raised easily over $40,000 for our incarcerated kin, we have sent thousands in gifts to families in need, and we are now currently raising money for the Azov Battalion. Most of the time the money comes from our own pockets and we do without so our less fortunate kin can be provided with what they need, and not one woman in WAU begrudges giving her last $ to a worthy cause!

To my sisters in WAU I love you with all I have!
WAU Evelyn


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  1. Name is Casper…looking for sunshine (David lanes daughter)she has a lot of my pics that I had taken with him the yr before he passed away,and would like some of them back or some copies plz.much respect,fletcher Smith aka Casper 1488

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