White Lives Matter

White Lives Matter

A moment between daddy and daughter, this is in honour of all the beautiful innocent lives taken in abortion mills around the world!

White Lives Matter!

Wite Lives Matter


This pretty young lady was nobody’s wife,
when she went to the doctor to snuff out a life.
“It’s only a fetus”, I once heard her say
So they chopped it to pieces and sucked it away.
But that little one was a person you know,
when the girl and her doctor dealt it death’s blow.
And what is the reason to put it to death,
and so innocent to have never drawn breath?

“I just can’t afford him”, is all that she said,
and it wasn’t for love that she romped on that bed.
And this little one is a trouble you know,
and so inconvenient that he’ll have to go.
He’ll wreck my career and he’ll drive away my friends
So this little guy must come to his end.
So off I will go to the doctor today,
to get out the vacuum and suck it away.

There is something here that we’ll never know,
what he could have been if she’d let him grown.
Perhaps he’s the one who could open up doors,
the one diplomat who could end all wars.
Or maybe his mind was the one to devise,
a way for our species to live in the skies.
But that little mind shall never see day,
the Abortionists vacuum has sucked it away.

Could he be the one who had been heaven sent;
the one fertile mind who could see to invent,
A way to end hunger, a cure for disease;
or perhaps a device to clean up our seas?
But we’ll never know if he was the one,
for those little eyes shall never see sun.
And that little brain shall never see day,
the abortionists vacuum has sucked it away.

So all the potential that he could have been,
has been put to death by our country’s great sin.
And all of the innocent blood that has flowed,
has charted our nation down death’s dusty road.
For there is no nation that long can remain,
that butchers the unborn and labels it sane.
And we know for certain that we’ll have to pay,
for all of the innocents vacuumed away.

Now that was a baby that lived in that womb,
a flesh and blood person cast of to it’s doom.
But this is all legal the bureaucrats say,
to snuff out our infants day after day.
We’ll call it a fetus to ease our minds,
to calm down or conscience so we can unwind.
But that was a baby and murder I Say,
for the abortionists vacuum to suck them away.

Now murder is easy and simple it seems,
if the one that you murder is too young to scream.
But all of the judges who sit in “our court”,
say that it’s proper and “right” if you want to abort.
And all the officers will lock you away,
if you picket a clinic where murderers slay.
Millions are gone and are going today
As abortionists vacuums suck them away.
And what will you say as you stand alone,
in front of our GOD at the foot of his throne,
And he asks the question on our judgment day,
And calls your account for what you will say?
What will you tell him when he asks you why,
you let all this pass without raising a cry?
So on your account shall be tallied that day,
the whole list of innocents vacuumed away.

Jay Merrell

Copyright of WAU

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