Thank You WAU – Jon Cox Headstone

Thank You WAU – Jon Cox Headstone

First off I wanted to thank you and WAU for the $100 donation you folks made over 2 years ago for setting the headstone for Jon Cox. We finally purchased the plot in the small gold mining town of Washington in the Sierra Mountains of Northern California. We ended up getting very lucky and the county clerk that manages the cemeteries for Nevada county gave us the plot for $1000 less then the normal cost. It is a small county and he was familiar with Jon’s mother and the story behind Jon’s death so he wanted to make sure we were able to get Sandi Cox the closure she has waited over 13 years for. Your donation paid for half of the $200 we were charged for the plot.

Jon’s body was never found and his mother, Sandi, has been waiting 11 years to get some closure for her only son.

On behalf of Sandi I would like to extend an invitation to you to attend the memorial ceremony that is planned for September 19, 2009. The Folks from FL CHS that donated the head stone and a few of Jon’s close friends will be coming from FL and some of Jon’s family will also be attending. If you are at all able to make it, Sandi would like to be able to meet you and to thank you in person for your generosity.

David Lynch (American Front)


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