Support The Order

Support The Order

Hail The Order! If You Quote the 14 Words then consider sending the remaining four imprisoned members money for their canteen! They fought for us, so let us remember them by making life inside as comfortable as possible! Do you know that when Order members have had extra money they donated it back to those outside the wire? Skip that meal out, don’t buy that beer, ask us how you can support them! #AdoptABruder

Adopt A Bruder

3 thoughts on “Support The Order

  1. It seems many years ago that I last heard of WAU and visited your site. Now here in 2017 you
    Remain. Thank you four your most gracious efforts on behalf of our kindred and the honorable
    Order of Bruder Schweigen pow’s .
    Nearly two decades ago I corresponded and financially supported with the Order pow’s ,then
    Came under harassment by federal dogs and lost my job and had a home lease broken illegally
    Due to fed dogs. Sadly with shame I never did restart correspondence or financial support for Order pow’s !

    Now after 42 years involved with the struggle and now in poor health and old age living on a
    Subsistent disability check I can no longer give to the struggle as I once did. Back in the day I
    Was a public movement activist and the transitioned as aged into gratis graphics work.
    Now I am afraid that all I can give is verbal support and hope that its accepted.
    Again thank you for your dedication and efforts four our kindred and honorable Order pow’s.

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