Our Nine Noble Virtues

Our Nine Noble Virtues

Courage: To defend my Sisters and Folk Always, no matter what the odds are!

Discipline: To show restraint and self control when around things i know are not good for me or my Folk!

Fidelity: To show faithfulness to my partner, sisterhood and beliefs, by demonstrating it with continuing loyalty and support.

Honour: To faithfully show honour towards my Kin, Sisterhood and Folk always!

Hospitality: To be a good hostess, showing generosity to my Kin, Sisters, Visitors, or strangers of my Folk!

Industriousness: To work hard, so that in return i can help my Folk in need!

Perseverance: I will rely on my own strengths, powers and resources rather than those of others!

Self Reliance: To show self reliance in everything i do despite the difficulty or delay in achieving goals.

Truth: I will Live by My Word, you will NEVER be able to doubt me or speak ill of me without doubt from others!

Nine Noble Virtues of WAU

Nine Noble Virtues of WAU

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