Mission Statement

WAU cannot be a Mass-Organization, and thus it does not accept disciples, as do conventional movement groups. At this time in the Movements history, when the great task of redefining a Woman’s role in the cause is posed; of reinventing the concept of “feminism” within the parameters of Folk and Revolution, WAU can only be a group of equals, a staff of educators and disseminators, not hangers on, joiners, or pseudo – soldiers.


The issue is a matter of finding our peoples path toward a new revolutionary mindset, and thus WAU cannot tolerate masses of reactionaries, semi-literate troublemakers, or infantile militants. The same persons who would have WAU accept Folkish Role Players would commit us to erroneous positions. It is the nature of the hangers on; this movement has unfortunately thrived on for decades to demand slogans, to transform real issues into stupid dogmas from which they can derive their role and their pseudo – intellectual security.

Fractionalization is proof of this, how many groups constructed on mass organization principles, have produced other groups, often opposing each other? Even WAU has experienced this, with comrades demonstrating their “Superiority” not by maturely going on their own way, but by revolting against the very sisters who brought them along, it is through this despicable process that the movement has produced generations of self appointed leaders, ever seeking new submissive disciples.


WAU intends to leave such people outside and fight those who want to transform our cause into a slogan; such people are extremely handicapped and uninteresting in their unity, compared with those who strive to be something rather than merely joining something. Those who, on the contrary, have a true feeling for the mission of WAU, and have glimpsed its direction in the world, are welcome to join because the work we talk about is to be found in our sisterhood and friendship, we find it together.

WAU Sisterhood Est. 1990