Kids Publications

Kids Publications

The women of WAU are proud to present WAU Kids Publications!!

Here you will find a series of learning booklets for your kids. In these booklets your child will learn with Viking Girl, they can colour and learn the runes and much more. You will find in each booklet worksheets, stories, activities, crafts and MUCH MORE!

These booklets are free for download as are all WAU publications and we will be adding additional worksheets over the coming months, keep checking back.

If you print out any of our printables for your children, please take a photo of the finished masterpiece as We’d love to see what our beautiful children have accomplished. You can email it to So we can add it to our gallery of the children’s work. To visit the gallery click here!

Click Image to get to our worksheets!



A children’s colouring book based on the Runes, we offer beautiful original drawings for your child to enjoy and colour. Each picture will include the rune, it’s name, meaning and pronunciation in an easy no nonsense way that will help your child to learn. Brought to you by WAU and our close friends. Click here to download!

For those who want to purchase a copy of the Children’s Rune colouring book, you can do so at Lulu.


Learn with the Viking girl worksheets! The Viking Girl character is 100% WAU Owned. Click here to download!


Our children are becoming culturally bankrupt and homeless in terms of ethnic identity. We need to allocate the time to teach our children about their cultural heritage so that they may be able to pass it over to the next generation. Therefore WAU Australia are pleased to announce our new publication Hugin – Munin. This ezine is aimed at teaching our children about their culture and heritage. Each issue we will explore different parts of our white heritage. Click here to download!

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