Keeping The Faith

Keeping The Faith

As WAU’s official POW Newsletter, KTF is dedicated to supporting and acknowledging our Kin behind the wire in the hopes that they receive the much needed support they seek. With an average of 4 pages, each issue contains original literary works written and assembled by our imprisoned Folk. They have taken an oath to do their part in making a positive difference in the racialist struggle through their written compilations and artwork.

With 3 issued produced yearly, KTF is available to POW’s and non- incarcerated activists alike.We are proud to have such a diverse and intelligent group of men and women who do their part to have their voices heard and to make KTF as informative, educational, and interesting as they can.

KTF is W.A.U.s longest running paperback publication , due to this fact , old issues have gone missing , since they are over 20 years old , we are still trying to get our hands on those copies that have gone astray.

The original idea behind KTF was that each issue was done by a different W.A.U. chapter, we have since decided to make it a 4 page newsletter that can be easily downloaded from our site and anyone can pop an issue into their prison mail!

Visiting Rules

I empty my pockets and take off my shoes
then I enter the world of visiting rules

My dress can’t be short nor my blouse cut too low
the time will move fast while the guards will move slow

I can’t kiss him too long or hold him too tight
hands shall stay on the table clearly in sight

At the end of our visit five minutes–good-bye
I tell him I love him vow not to cry

I may take nothing in I must take nothing out
though there’s one thing I leave they know nothing about

No search can reveal that each time we part
he keeps some of my soul and all of my heart.

For Our Children & POW’s We Fight


Issue 14

Year: 2015

Pages: 4 / Colour

Size: N/A

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