INSTINCT – New WAU Publications Book

INSTINCT – New WAU Publications Book

The most essential element to survival and combat power is preparation and knowledge. Without the two we know that when it comes time to fight for our lives, that knowledge in first aid and basic survival are a MUST. We MUST plan now and educate, that is why the women of WAU have decided to compile into a book and share one of our most successful publications: INSTINCT – Your guide to survival.

Instinct may appear to be a little militant for some women, but we are heading for those times again. There are many unknown or unfamiliar things that may occur, so at least with some basic knowledge you are less likely to panic, for if you do, you are already of no use to anyone.

Although this book is available for free download, we advise you to print it out and read it completely so that you can learn, take in and fully understand everything. This is really about the content and not pretty images, it is not meant to be for online fast reading, it is made to educate you, to guide you in how to be ready if and when the time comes, and it may save your life or your family’s life one day!

We have a few professionally printed copies of instinct for sale to those who do not have the time or do not have the resources to print Instinct. We are selling each copy at 10€/10$ plus postage. If you are interested on buying one copy contact us at

If you just want to get your free digital copy, click here!


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