Sisters working together for a better future!

Sisters working together for a better future!

Being a woman is a very tough job. We are usually forced to mesh both warrior and mother into one. Many types of women past and present have made our roles in today’s society unique. We are labeled as many different things by many different kinds of men and women; one thing that cannot be denied is that we as women are both fierce and motherly all in one. There are so many women who have inspired the women of WAU – Florentine Rost van Tonningen – The Mitford Sisters – Fanni Luukkonen – Hanna Reitsch and so many more, we hope to honour these great women through our work and to also honour ourselves as European women.

WAU is an organization run by European women who have chosen to support the advancement of their Folk and to be productive participants in our movement. We always encourage our women folk to increase their involvement in the movement in a positive and productive way, we strive to create unity and prosperity always. WAU was founded more than 30 years ago and we have sisters throughout the world. Over the years our movement has had periods of unity and disunity, but throughout the last three + decades WAU sisters have remained unified, we always remain steadfast in our dedication to our Folk.

We are women not easily identified as part of our movement. We are Skinheads and we are ex-Skinheads, and we are “normal” looking women who blend in with society. We are single, partnered and married. Some of us are mothers and some are not. Some of us are isolated, and others have support and comrades surrounding them. We are countrywomen, we are city women, we live in the old homelands of the Northern Hemisphere, and we live the newer lands of the Southern Hemisphere. We are Maidens of a new generation, we attend gigs, rallies and other Folkish activities with friends and comrades, we proudly carry on as members of the movement.


As sisters of WAU, we give support, education, guidance, friendship, and eternal loyalty to our fellow sisters, brothers, partners, family, children and POWs. We are intelligent, proud and dedicated individuals, united to preserve the beauty, heritage and culture of our Folk.

WAU Sisterhood