WAU Art Contest – 1st Edition – 2015

During the years we at WAU have taken pride in our original publications, art and material. Although the WAU sisters work hard to bring to you the very best, we could not have achieved this without the help of our many supporters, POWs and friends, who have always provided us with material, either art or texts.

We decided that this year, to show you our gratitude, that we would hold an art contest to chose the best art work to be used in our many publications and sites. We will be awarding prizes to the best art as a way to give back and show out appreciation towards all those who help us make achieve what we had over the last 25 years.

The contest is divided in 2 categories:

Children (up to 14 years old)
It’s up to your children to chose a subject, either heathen, historical, nature etc Let them be creative.

David Lane’s Memorial (open to everybody)
The subject of this category is David Lane and his work. This can either be a portrait, the 14 words, something based on his writings etc.

These artworks will be featured in a booklet compilation of David Lane’s work from his site davidlane1488.com . This booklet will be available for free download.

The prizes

Here are the prizes for each category:


1st prize:

2nd prize:

3rd prize:

David Lane Memorial:

1st prize:

2nd prize:

3rd prize:


Elegibility and Mediums

  • The contest is open to everybody, anywhere in the world, within the categories age range.
  • All art must be 100% original and your own. We will not accept compositions based on other artists work (either drawings, photos etc) unless you show us written permission from the author.
  • You can submit any kind of art, use any colours or techniques, from 2D traditional drawings, mixed-media to digital art. It’s up to you, but please keep it within the subject.
  • You can submit more than once piece. As many as you wish.


Submissions will be open until 15th of August.

Send your submissions to wau.contact@gmail.com with the following Information:

  • Name and nickname, Age and location.
  • Also state that by submitting your artwork you are aware that you are giving full permission to WAU to use this art in our publications, sites and other printable and online material.
  • All files submitted must be high quality either in JPEG/JPG or PNG format. If it is digital artwork, please provide us with the original files, if you can.

Selection Process

All submissions will be reviewed and select by a panel composed of WAU sisters and friends. We will announce the panel in due course. The winning art will be selected on the basis of quality, originality within the subject and suitability for our publications.

If you have any doubts regarding the submission rules or the contest itself feel free to contact us at wau.contact@gmail.com.

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