WAU Argentina 10th Anniversary

WAU Argentina 10th Anniversary

wau argentinaThis year marks the 10th Anniversary of WAU Argentina. It has been 10 years of activism, Sisterhood and friendship, and we cannot put into words how proud we are of our Argentinian Sisters.

Over these past 10 years these girls have shown us what activism is all about. They have taken to the streets, been part of demonstrations and have been involved in many pro-life activities. They have spread the aims and goals of WAU and have organised all sorts of activities aimed at the advancement of white women. They are a role model that more women should follow!

We would like to thank them for being a part of our lives and family, our sisters and friends.
We also would like to thank, on their behalf, all those who have supported them over this past decade.

The WAU Sisterhood

Bounded by Truth, Honour and Loyalty!


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