Fundraiser September 2012

This year at the annual Blood & Honour ISD memorial concert we were honoured to be able to raise enough funds to pay for the travel costs & accommodation for the wife of one of the imprisioned former Bruder Schweigen to be able to make the long journey to visit her husband for their 3rd wedding anniversary. We were also trying to promote and raise awareness of our Adopt a Bruder Program, selling “Free the Order” t-shirts- which thanks to one of our persistent sisters had sold all of them even before the gig!

We had a raffle going, with a book written by David Lane as our number one prize as well as a handcarved Thor’s Hammer, which seemed to get everybody’s attention- we had pretty much sold all our raffle tickets before the first band even started to get ready to perform! We also had some very beautiful hair clips and jewellery that another very talented WAU sister had made from hand. They proved to be a very big hit along with her delicious rum balls and rocky road.


Fundraiser Oct 2011

Over the weekend of the Annual Blood & Honour ISD Memorial Concert, the women of WAU Australia were busy raising funds. With Thors Hammer hair clips and other jewellery up for sale, which was made by one of our own WAU sisters, FFF Silicon Bracelets, various items up for raffle, numerous people offering donations as well as our American Sister from Crew38 offering funds raised from selling belt buckles, we all up were able to raise over $1300 to go towards helping with the legal expenses of one of our Hammerskin brothers who has been stitched up on a bogus Hate Crime charge. A huge thank you to all who participated in buying jewellry, raffle tickets and donating your hard earned cash. We Salute You.

For Faith, Folk & Family



Australia WAU – Fundraising Activities April 2011


On April the 16th 2011 WAU Australia attended the annual Hammered Music Festival on the Gold Coast, as part of our activities whilst at this event, we were able to raise a significant amount of money for the Gary Yarbrough Legal Fund.  Special thanks goes out to one of our young lasses who took it upon herself to hop up on stage and read a speech about Gary and his plight. A huge thankyou goes out to the Southern Cross Hammerskins, Crew 38, Blood & Honour Australia & all who attended and donated to this very worthy cause.

Gary has spent the past 26yrs in ZOG’s prisons most of that time in solitary confinement. Gary is not any longer being held for his crimes, but for his beliefs and for associations that he does not have. Gary was given a parole date for 2014, however, after being given this date, the parole board decided to take away 15 years of good time because of posts made about him on the internet on various WN sites because they say it shows association. However Gary has no internet access so how can he be held responsible for posts made by other people. It is a civil rights violation and a violation of his amendments for them to do this. Gary & his wife are trying to fight this legally because the BOP makes up the rules as they go but lawyers do not come for free.

Remember Gary is a former  member of the Bruder Schweigen & a brother to David Lane & Robert J Mathews. These men have sacrificed for and served our racial cause. So now it is time for us to help Gary gain his freedom and to go home to his wife & family, do not allow him to die in prison.

For anyone wishing to donate to Gary’s legal fund, information can be obtained at