Show your Support

Show your Support

You can support WAU by many ways.

Women for Aryan Unity takes great pride in aiding our Brothers and Sisters within the Movement who may have stumbled upon hard times and could benefit from a little extra help. You can help us to Help Our Folk and donate towards one of our many fundraisers and projects like Adopt a Bruder, Yule Fund, Frigga AwardChildren’s Education Fund (on hold atm).

Once in a while chapters run raffles, sell t-shirts, jewelry and other apparel as well other material donated by our awesome comrades and supporters. Often these items are sold out quickly so keep an eye at our website updates and News section and don’t miss your chance next time. You can also visit our store and check out the items we have for sale.

“Materialism in the heart is not Aryan, but money is the gasoline for the engines of war.” David Lane

You can also support us by sharing our pages, chapter sites, link to our projects and fundraisers, use and share banners at will. Join us at facebook or follow us on twitter!


You can as well print our flyers and posters and hand them to your friends, share them at events and meetings or just share them online. (our flyer section is under construction, check back soon).