Spark of the Goddess

Spark of the Goddess

Esotericism, as the Ageless wisdom is often called, is also the great work (Magnum Opus) of participating in those forces that emanate from the deepest spiritual sources. It has been a wellspring of excellence and overcoming throughout the ages, and is also the common foundation of all real Pagan Religions.

Esotericism defines The Goddess as the sum total of all the essences, and all the forces and forms emanating from them, which make up everything in the manifest and unmanifest worldsoul. The Goddess is the great being who ensouls the Earth.

Women and their Folk, inturn, are “Sparks of the Goddess”, spiritual entities expressing a Folksoul through a physical Race. Each of us is essentially a divine ray of this Folksoul, but compared to the greatest adepts of our ancestry, most individual women today recognize and embody this divinity to a limited degree.

The process by which we can gradually manifest more of the Folksoul is a combination of initiation and breeding that is, mental and physical evolution, like our children when they enter the educational system at kindergarten, we must begin at the very basic level of Folkish expression once we realize our True Spiritual Heritage. From the experience of countless Aryan lifetimes lived for millennia, with different national and regional experiences, we learn many lessons through the ageless wisdom they have bequeathed to us and so proceed on our evolutionary journey back to our source and then forward to our destiny. We will then pass this knowledge onto our children.

The methodology of the true Western Occult Tradition is never superstitious or supernatural, or in any way part of the “New Age” genre, but is based on “Scientific” laws as we know them, primarily knowledge of archetypes and genetics, recently cast in scientific terms. By understanding and working with the collective psyche and genome of our Folk, we learn to accelerate evolution and reorient our spiritual path towards a higher destiny. Through a full and deep experience of Aryanity we ultimately acquire ever greater influence over our minds and bodies, and thus manifest the divine spark that dwells in the midst of us.

Throughout history, when Aryans have reached a major point of crisis, the Folksoul has inspired certain individuals, open to its powers, to lead the way for all. WAU is striving to generate such Women of Destiny for coming transformations of our world. We work to reveal the old but new – that is, Ageless – aspect of the race which is deepest, its foundation, to reveal again our true identity as Aryans. From such knowledge and work can come a new understanding, harmony and power. For Women who want to build a stronger connection with their inmost Aryanity and help the Folk, the ageless wisdom is a powerful tool. Through its practices we can “step up” the great spiritual energies that continually stream through our innermost being. This transmission process, which makes the energies of the Aryan psyche and genome useful to the Folk, is similar to that of electrical transducters, which are actuated by power to convert energy and / or information into usable forum. By thus transforming innermost power to outermost power, we can uplift our people.

Every individual Aryan is an energy center of the Folksoul and thus can direct power from the Spiritual levels of being. Such practices stimulate potentials of mind and body and enhance the activism in which we are engaged. Minds become more intelligent and creative, bodies become more healthy and energetic, and spontaneous developments transform entire groups, undertaking this great work, we can establish a special and important point of focus for the cause.WAU is devoted to revealing new ways of thinking and new manners of acting that will rediscover the mysteries of the race and release our divine potential – all guided and inspired by the dedicated activism of WAU. The root cause of our people’s crisis is the psychological fog in which it wanders, a miasma that hides the truth of our perilous situation and the reality of the greatness that stands to be lost. Overcoming this spectacle is therefore seen by WAU as the key to any meaningful accomplishment, and this difficult task requires all the Aryanity available – this alone can reveal, to all, the true relationship of individuals to the Race and the Race to the Earth.

Such is the synthesis underlying WAU’s political, social, radical, ecological, and spiritual work, which seeks to counteract the negative changes now occurring on a global scale, and to stimulate practical and meaningful action to rebuild our Folk according to ageless principles that reflect its innate nobility.

WAU Sisterhood

The WAU Sisterhood

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