Skuld is one of W.A.U’s many paperback publications, this magazine is one of a kind; it is dedicated 100% to Indo European Women. The purpose behind Skuld is to honour our Women past and Present. Our next issue will feature the Goddesses of Our folk!

Being a woman is a very tough job. We are usually forced to mesh both warrior and mother into one. Many types of women past and present have made our roles in today’s society unique. We are labeled as many different things by many different kinds of men and women; one thing that cannot be denied is that we as women are both fierce and motherly all in one.

Throughout history, war has been seen as a mans job; however women have always been involved in battles and sieges, not to mention duels, prizefights and so on. The most common occasion on which women would take part in battles was when their home was being attacked. A woman knew how to defend herself and her land. Proud women like Boudica, Joan of Arc, Freydis Eriksdottir, Duchess Gaita of Lombardy, Countess Matilda Tuscany and many more.

Women have conquered the skies, art, and medicine and much more. As we have been forced to believe that women before us were content with being shackled to the kitchen sink, Skuld will tell you differently. Each issue of Skuld will focus on many different types of Women, both historical and from myth and lore.

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