Remembering Vicki Weaver #RubyRidge

Remembering Vicki Weaver #RubyRidge

Remembering the Weaver familyOn August 21st 1992, six heavily armed, camouflaged U.S. marshals sneaked onto Mr. Weaver’s property. Three agents threw rocks to get the attention of Mr. Weaver’s dogs. As Mr. Weaver’s 14-year-old son, Sammy, and Kevin Harris, a 25- year-old family friend living in the cabin, ran to see what the dogs were barking at, U.S. marshals killed one of the dogs. Sammy Weaver fired his gun in the direction the shots had come from. Randy Weaver came out and hollered for his son to come back to the cabin. Sammy yelled, “I’m coming, Dad,” and was running back to the cabin when a federal marshal shot him in the back and killed him.

On August 22nd 1992 as Randy Weaver walked towards the small shack where his son’s body lay, he was lifting the latch on the shack’s door and he was shot from behind by FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi.

As he struggled back to the cabin, his wife, Vicki who stood in the doorway holding their 10 month old baby in her arms and calling for her husband to hurry was shot in the face killing her instantly.

Though federal officials now claim that the killing of Vicki Weaver was an accident, the Washington Times’s Jerry Seper reported in September 1993: “Court records show that while Vicki’s body lay in the cabin for eight days, the FBI used microphones to taunt the family. ‘Good morning, Mrs. Weaver. We had pancakes for breakfast. What did you have?’ asked the agents in at least one exchange.”

This is YOUR government, a government that is supposed to PROTECT ITS PEOPLE!





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