Remembering Kathy Ainsworth

Remembering Kathy Ainsworth

KA In Memoriam: On June 30th 1968 Kathy Ainsworth and her unborn child were murdered. Kathy was just 26 years old and an active Klan member, she was also a very popular grade school teacher in Jackson, Mississippi. Kathy wanted to keep Mississippi from falling into the hands of those whose goal was to force integration upon them, as she knew it would mean the end to the prosperity and peacefulness Mississippi had once enjoyed.

Two “informants” who infiltrated the Klan informed ADL chief A.I. Botnick of her work. The trap was set and she was driven to the home of Meyer Davidson a Jewish civil rights agitator, as soon as the two “agents” got out of the car Meridian police immediately began shooting into the car. Kathy and her unborn child were murdered in a hail of gunfire. Kathy lays buried in a cemetery in Magee, Mississippi. No charges were ever filed.

To Our Sisters Past We Salute You – WAU

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  1. I remember when this happened. Kathy will never be forgotten. May her memory live on, along with all others who have given their lives for our Race. Our Race Is Our Nation.

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