Homefront #4 #Download

Homefront #4 #Download

Welcome to Issue No 4 of our newsletter version of Homefront publications. We are going to focus on recipes, pagan blots and feeding tips for your picky eaters, and we will throw in a few other smaller on Miron Aku and natural remedies.

Summer is now upon us living in the northern hemisphere and of course winter for those living in the northern hemisphere, here in Europe we are enjoying some unusually warm weather which means we will be harvesting local fruit soon, every summer I get to gather lots of cherries and raspberries. It is also a great time to go out an identify all your native trees, we are thankfully surrounded by many majestic and magickal trees such as Hawthorne, Holly, Oak, Yew, Rowan, Ash and Birch, my goal this summer is to become familiar with all native trees and their magickal properties.

We hope you enjoy this issue of Homefront.

For our next issue we will be writing about “Spirit Spoons” and “Maria Orsic”….Watch this space.

HomeFront Issue Number Four Summer 2018



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