Homefront #3 #Download

Homefront #3 #Download

Welcome to issue number 3 of our HomeFront newsletter, we are happy to have an issue out just in time for Ostara! Send us in pictures of the colouring page we have featured and we will publish them on our site.

Spring is nearly upon us and it really is the season of new beginnings. I love seeing the buds of new flowers and I can finally recognise what trees surround me.

For this issue we are focusing on recipes, cleaning tips, Ostara stuff and a few other bits and pieces.

We are going to work on a new cookbook in 2018, if you would like to submit a family recipe please email us at wauirehqs@hotmail.com

HomeFront Issue Number Three 2018

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  1. I couldn’t be more appreciative of the Home front newsletters! I am so proud of y’all, thank you from Tennessee, United States!! To be completely honest, I was completely unaware of 3/4 of our TRUE history & the other 1/4 was dismissed as “Old Wives Tales” or considered ONLY stories I was told as a child. With the help of finding kindred spirits like y’all, I have the direction I’ve always needed for what’s already ingrained in my soul. The wild thing is that I feel like y’all are simply just reminding me of something I had buried deep in my mind, almost like I have amnesia and y’all are just guiding my soul back home, or at least guiding my soul back to our people’s ways. I love y’all so much, sisters at heart, soul sisters!!

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