Frigga Award 2015

Frigga Award 2015

Voting has now closed. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to visit our page and vote.

The winners of the 2014/15 Frigga Award are

Gold Mothers Cross – Ivana WAU Argentina

Silver Mothers Cross – T  WAU Australia

Bronze Mothers Cross – Siw Norway

Congratulations Ladies. Thank you to everyone who took the time to visit our page and to vote for these wonderful mothers. Each and every one of them are truly worthy and an asset to our cause. Hail our Women Folk!


The awards:

This year we will present 3 prizes for the mothers who receive the most votes. We will be awarding Gold, Silver and Bronze Motherhood Crosses along with the Himmler Motherhood brooches; we have presented these in a small box with a glass lid for display.

Here are the crosses and brooches that WAU will be presenting to the 3 mothers who receive the most votes.



The 2014-2015 Nominees!

Use the poll to vote for your favourite Aryan Mother, although we know all our Mothers are worthy vote wisely. The award winners will be decided based on the online votes. ** multiple choice **

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Who is your favourite mother?

T (Frigga WAU) – WAU Australia

It was a difficult one for me this time, I sent in an email many years ago voting for my best friend of 30 years , who did receive a medal, so this year I am tossing up between her and another sister of mine who works damn hard.

I have decided though after a lot of thought it only seems fitting to pay homage and respect to my friend T (Frigga WAU).

T has been running the Australian chapter of WAU pretty much on her own and what a magnificent job she does, not only does she manage to do that , she is a mother , a wife and a voice for the Adopt a bruder program . Constantly working tirelessly to make things happen for what she believes in .

I have known T for many years and I have watched her grow into a woman that I am proud to call a sister. She is brutally honest and to the point and I have nothing but respect for her .

What transforms us into the people we are is how we deal with issues in our lives , how we carry ourselves , portray ourselves and do we really practise what we preach ? .. put all of that together and it makes us honourable and pushes us to be the best that we can be … That is T…

In my years in the movement , I have seen them come and seen them go , if some of these new younger women can take a page from her book then we will have a wonderful strong sisterhood .

These are the some of the reasons why im proud to call T my sister and I think the Frigga award is very well suited for someone like her ..

regards Liz [ Crew 38 Australia ]

Ivana – WAU Argentina


Hello girls,
I'm Anybell and many girls in WAU know me because I was part of WAU Argentina in the past.

I would like to participate in Frigga Award 2014/2015. I'd like to give my vote to Ivana Contreras - part of WAU Argentina.
I think she is a lovely mother and doing a very fine job.

She has time for everything! Time to work - a particular job and work in her house -, time to be a good wife, time to do many activities with WAU, time to meet friends and she has time to care, play, spend time with her lovely daughter, Emma.

Ivana spent many difficult moments with her family, she lost her dad and mum in the same year. But she is a strong woman and she keeps trying to be happy and always has a smile on her face, for Emma, for her husband, for her friends... for everybody!

I think she deserves this award, because she is a strong woman and never gives up!

Many kisses to everybody in WAU
And congrats for this wonderful award.


Liz – Crew 38 Australia

lizandrhee_zps07237b81I believe my dearest friend Liz deserves this award. I have known Liz since I was 13 years old, I am now 46, and she never ceases to amaze me. Her dedication and her drive, her love for her faith, folk and family. She has raised 3 beautiful well rounded children, whom are a credit to her mothering. She is still the eternal earth mother with her love of all nature.. she has the most patience and love I have ever seen. Liz battled cancer for many years and during this time her belief in her faith was tested time and again and she stood strong and proud. Lizis always raising money, sending money, letters and packages to those white folk in need, never asking for anything in return not even wanting thanks or recognition for doing this. Liz went back to do her studies so she could help those white youths in need that have been forgotten in our politically correct age. Anyone who has met liz or been a friend of hers will agree with me when I say she is an unselfish wonderful giving friend and mother, whom we are lucky to have in our lives, if there is any woman who deserves this award it is her. Liz Odin Shield Maiden
regards Anne

lizandrhee_zps07237b81Hello WAU.

I nominate my mother, my protector, my best friend. Liz of Crew 38.

Words cannot describe the love and respect I have for her not only because she is my mother
for the pure fact that she is a great women in my eyes and many. She has been in the movement for a number of years and has raised me racially aware for that I am grateful.

I believe she goes above and beyond her means to give her all, for her beliefs. Liz and Anne (best friend) have held raffles at events in Australia to raise money for the ones whom are in need. We have also both attended a fantastic ISD in England that was an amazing experience in itself but to experience it with her was great.

Liz has always been one to give a helping hand when it comes to her folk when someone who is in need. She is a fantastic listener and will go out of her way to help in anyway shape or form, not only for her family but for her friends.In 2001 she has fought cervical cancer and overcome this and has been remission ever since it was a shock to the whole family.
Myself I was to young to understand what was actually happening but thinking back to it now when we went and visited she always held a brave face for her children.This is how I know she is such a strong women in every way.

She has 3 beautiful children. Jake. Kane and Rhiannon? That she has a special bond with each. We have always been such a close family and she has always been the glue. We all look up to her, she is our rock, our mumma bear.

Thank you for taking the time for reading this.

From Rhiannon.

lizandrhee_zps07237b81Dear WAU,

I would like to nominate Liz of Crew38 Australia.

I will also keep this short and sweet, because anyone who knows her will understand this without a full scale essay.

Liz, mother of 3 now young adults, has strived to see her children have opportunities she may not have received or considered in her own youth. She has maintained her firm but loving stance with her children through good times and the tough.

Liz is also a very active supporter of the Hammerskin Nation through her work with Crew38. She has also built good networks internationally and extended the hand of friendship to many folk abroad.

Although she may not be sitting on a kings ransom, Liz is always very generous and happy to help out fellow brothers and sisters when struck by financial hardships.

All of this and more is why I wish to nominate Liz for the 2015 Frigga award. She works tirelessly between her family, the movement and of course her actual job.

If there was going to be one phrase to sum up my opinion of Liz, it would be 'firm, but fair'.

Please for Liz's best interests could her surname be kept hidden. I'd also like for my identity to remain anonymous.

Anne – Australia

Yes she is my best friend of 30 plus years but in saying that she warrants so much more..

A confident, a mother , a hard worker , not only in the house hold but for her folk .

Anne will make sure we have the little but most important things ,
such as raffle tickets for our raffles at events , adding to our items that do go up for raffle or auction and putting together parcels , just recently it was for one our folks children and Just this year she took the time out to make sure everyone had yule cards that she made via computer , they were sent world wide ,
she will tie up lose ends and git er done so to speak.

Anne has a knack of welcoming everybody , she is kind has a great sense of humour and does her best to make sure none of our folk go without .

Working in aged care during the night , attending to Uni in the day and then keeping her family together , Anne does her best daily and it needs to be recognised .

My world shines because she is in it … She is magic … she is my best friend…




Frans – WAU Probate Spain

Hello, i would like to nominate Frans for the award since she is a fighter and a devoted mother of 3 girls (daughters). Although she had a difficult childhood, she loves her daughters and teach them all the values and gives them guidance so they can grow proud of their culture/heritage and prepares them to one day carry our fight. Thank you for this great project,

Alberto Sanchez


Hola me gustaría nominar frans al premio ya que es un luchadora y devota madre de sus 3 hijas que ella tubo una infancia complicada adora a sus chicas y les da los valores y directrices para crecer orgullosas de su cultura y pasado preparándolas para continuar nuestra lucha en el futuro.

Me despido de ustedes agradeciendo a esta gran iniciativa un gran abrazo.

Alberto Sánchez comas


Eve – WAU Argentina


My name is Mariano, I am the husband of Angelica, we've known two years ago, our relationship started as a simple friendship and eventually turned into something more and more strong. As I always say, she's not just my wife she is my best friend, one of the best people I met, a strong woman, principles and ideals well marked; for that reason she decided to approach WAU Argentina and is part of the organization since 2011.

In September 2014 we got married and went while parents of a beautiful girl named Arya. Long before we met, and at 23, she had her first son, Angelo. At that time she was in a relationship with the father of her son, but the truth is that he almost was not present, she took care of her son without anyone to provide aid, when Angelo has 1 year old they broke up and she stayed alone with her little boy. Angelica step seven years alone with her son away from her family to helped her child to be closer to his father. As a single mom her priority was always the welfare, health and education of her son, she and he were against everything and everyone.

Angelo was encouraged to learn since he was a little boy different branches of science, Angelica taught him to read at the early age of four so he can read his books and stories. Today is a child who knows about paleontology, astronomy and physics, and he was always featured in college student excelling the rest. Our daughter Arya, always smiling and flawless.

Regards, Mariano.

P/D: Her real name is Eve, but most of people known her as Angelica.


Siw – Norway

I would like to nominate my wife Siw for the WAU-AWARDS. She is a nationalsocialist and a fantastic stay-at-home mother to our three sons aged 6, 1 1/2 and our youngest who is 7 weeks. She always puts our family first. Always having time for our kids, playing with them, reads for them and teaches them. She educates them about our forefathers, our Norse history and the importance of our culture and traditions. Examples of this is how she sings a lullaby to them each night before they go to bed, the way she makes home cooked meals to make sure the family eats right. She got into the Norwegian nationalist scene when she was 16, and is to this day, 20 years later, still an activist. She has a big heart and it was on her initiative that we started to donate to the adopt-a-bruder program each month. She has found an orphanage in Estonia and plans a donation drive to collect clothes and toys to them. She's was a boardmember in an organization which donated money to nationalist families who were in need, until the organization went inactive. She's been helping "Party of the Swedes" with their political campaign last year; handing out flyers, hanging up posters and other promotional things. Siw is an extraordinary wife, who is always very supportive of me and the political work I do, a devoted mother, an exemplary member of our community & my best friend. And as she always says: "It's not enough to merely believe in the fourteen words; one has to live them as well."

Thank you and best regards Jan


Dawn – America

Greeting Kinfolk,
My name is Donald Palmer. I would like to nominate Dawn Keith Of Missouri
for her dedication to her Faith, Folk, and Family. She is a single mother of 8 wonderful children ranging from ages 2-18 and works two jobs to support them. She has a kind heart and a willingness to give when she has the chance. I have know her for a while now and her heart is true to her Children and her Faith and Folk. These 8 children are blessed each day to have such a great mother in their lives, and so am i as her friend. I nominate this wonderful Aryan woman for this award, I know there are many great Aryan Mothers we all know and love.
But the challenges she faces and the job she has done and will continue to do will last for ages.

Thank you very much

From Don Palmer





In regards to our Frigga Award, a couple of days ago we discovered that there was a glitch in the voting, this came to our attention when it was noticed that one nominee received 60 votes in a 15 minute period, on investigation we found that only 6 different IP addresses had been logged on to our website when if the votes were legit it would have been 60. On further investigation we became aware that if you deleted your cookies you were able to re-vote and it seems that some overzealous friends had been manipulating the voting system. To prevent this from happening we went ahead and purchased some software that only allows 1 vote per IP address. But due to the integrity of the votes already made we thought that in the way of fairness and honesty it is best to start the whole process again.

One of the nominee’s upon finding out that the glitch was no longer able to be manipulated then contacted us to inform us of it, we explained what had happened, how it had been fixed and told her that we were deciding on resetting the votes but this would need to be discussed with other members. This woman then took it upon herself to publically inform all of her friends about the glitch (which was no longer there) and basically accuse WAU of rigging it as there was no way a non-WAU member could win. She did not allow us the time to implement these changes, but preferred to just discredit us.

We are totally heartbroken that something that was meant to be so beautiful and special was turned into something so shitty and nasty. We are also only having the voting open for 1 week (it will be closed on monday the 17th) as we just feel that this award has been tainted and we want it over with. We owe nothing to no-one and we have never been dishonest and it saddens us that one or two people have made it into this.


Thank you for all your support. Hail our Women Folk!

WAU Sisterhood

12 thoughts on “Frigga Award 2015

  1. These women are to be saluted for keeping the 14 Words alive.
    My vote is for Saw from Norway.
    She is politically/ racially aware and active in addition to her tireless mothering of 3 young boys.
    Well done, Siw!

  2. It’s so wonderful to see the true fighting spirit of the Aryan woman is still alive today! It is the examples we lead by that carry on into the next generation. Best of luck to all ladies, you are all worthy <3

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