#Femininity #Masculinity

#Femininity #Masculinity

“When you recall our basic attitude and policy.
Unlike many women’s organizations elsewhere,
we don’t fight for what is often called
‘women’s rights.’ Instead, we work hand-in-hand
with our menfolk for common aims and purposes.
We think that rivalry and hostility between the
sexes are as foolish and mutually harmful
as they are scientifically unsound.
Men and women have somewhat different capacities,
but these should always be regarded as complementing
and supplementing each other—organic parts of
a larger and essentially harmonious whole.”

Getrud Scholtz-Klink


One thought on “#Femininity #Masculinity

  1. masculinity and femininity exist in both man and women, but express themselves predominantly in their respective gender. masculine is practice, effort, hard work. femininity is receptivity, passivity, peace. when we develop and combine these traits within us, and have those outside of us which cultivate them, then we achieve ever-higher levels of comprehension and creativity.

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