Do not let frauds and fakes fool you!!!

Do not let frauds and fakes fool you!!!

WAU has never been part of or supported any biker gangs based in the USA, nor have we supported any of the organizations or groups associated with them (neither deserve mention). It has come to our attention that some women based in the USA have created an org with the same initials as ours, thus leading people to ask why we were at events with said groups.

Comrades and friends if you ever encounter someone claiming to be part of WAU at any events or involved in any activities PLEASE make sure it is indeed Women for Aryan Unity (WAU). We always wear our official patches and shirts at any events we attend in the name of WAU, and we always publish all our official activities, fundraisers and projects at our official website ( If you have any questions regarding our activities contact us  here.


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We do not support frauds or fakes!

We are Drug Free!

We are Drama free!

We support Our Folk!!!

8 thoughts on “Do not let frauds and fakes fool you!!!

  1. There are 2 groups at north America using and abusing of WAU name and initials!
    NONE ARE WAU (Women for Aryan Unity) NEITHER ASSOCIATED TO US BY ANY MEANS!!! Some people are just worthless, lack creativity to create their own groups and projects or just want to take advantage of our name since we are a known and established org for almost 25 years. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY FRAUDS!!

    • not saying yor wrk isn’t good, bt U do not own d wau initials! stop clng ppl frauds & slandering huM U do not evN knO

      • Horrendous misuse of the English language! I think you have far worse things to be worrying your uneducated self about, go back to school! I would be so embarrassed to be associated with people who write such incoherent drivel! The people of Europe hang their heads in shame!

  2. I feel ashamed of what our struggle and movement have become. You are a serious organization known world wide, everybody know who you are and the amazing work you do. Do not worry with fakes and, keep doing the great work you do.

    Together we are strong 14/88

  3. It’s been a long time sunshine…I know your dad my best friend watches over us and will till we meet in Valhalla…take care sis…14/88 mark f.smith aka casper

  4. There are fakes and posers in everything we do but as our teachings tell us if our eyes are truely open then we will see past the bullshit. I support all my sisters who will stand up working on getting one right now…Keep up the fight and know you’re not alone..
    Loyalty Honor Respect
    Brother Woody 1488 from N.C

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