Remembering Vicki Weaver #RubyRidge

Vicki Weaver

On August 21st 1992, six heavily armed, camouflaged U.S. marshals sneaked onto Mr. Weaver’s property. Three agents threw rocks to get the attention of Mr. Weaver’s dogs. As Mr. Weaver’s 14-year-old son, Sammy, and Kevin Harris, a 25- year-old family… Continue Reading


In Memoriam Samuel Weaver

Samuel Weaver

#‎RubyRidge‬ Today WAU members cleaned up their local graveyard and paid special attention to the graves of baby Anne, Eleanor, Alice, Edward and Philomena as we always do, today we did it in Memory and Honour of Samuel Weaver who… Continue Reading


In Memoriam Bruce Carroll Pierce

BCP Martyr

On this Day August 16th 2015 we remember our Friend and Bruder Bruce Carroll Pierce who joined his Bruders and Friends Robert Jay Mathews and David Eden Lane in their Martyrdom, we will never forget your sacrifice for Our Folk!… Continue Reading


Happy Birthday Kathy Ainsworth

Happy Birthday Kathy

Birthday Wishes, Love and Remembrance to Our Fallen Sister Kathy Ainsworth Today on her 74th birthday Kathy should be enjoying a house full of children and grandchildren xo We Will Never Forget! July 31st 1941 – June 30th 1968. The… Continue Reading


Remembering Kathy Ainsworth


In Memoriam: On June 30th 1968 Kathy Ainsworth and her unborn child were murdered. Kathy was just 26 years old and an active Klan member, she was also a very popular grade school teacher in Jackson, Mississippi. Kathy wanted to… Continue Reading


Boycott Movement Profiteers


Supporters of The Order please do not buy merchandise with the Bruder Logo’s or imagery on it if the money is not going to Der Bruders, people are such money hungry despicable parasites! There is a group of people in… Continue Reading


Hot off the press


Issue number 17 of Homefront Magazine and Issue number 14 of Keeping The Faith are now available, find the links for both under the Publications / Magazine links above! We hope you enjoy both and feel free to print out… Continue Reading


Bruder Quotes

Free the Order

              Fair child of light, you are my kin, In body, soul and mind, A spirit calls from deep within, I must preserve your kind, 14-88 David Lane If you want to read more… Continue Reading


Rest Well David Eden Lane

Rest Well David

8 years gone dear friend, you are always loved and always missed! The world is a sadder place without you and the great halls are a more wise and humourous place because of your presence…14 Words! Feast Well. WAU Europa


WAU Argentina 10th Anniversary


This year marks the 10th Anniversary of WAU Argentina. It has been 10 years of activism, Sisterhood and friendship, and we cannot put into words how proud we are of our Argentinian Sisters. Over these past 10 years these girls… Continue Reading