Frigga Award 2020


WAU are excited to announce we will be presenting another Frigga Award for 2020. Over the next couple of weeks we will be announcing details of how to submit entries and awards on offer. #friggaaward #WAU #aryanmothers


Homefront #4 #Download


Welcome to Issue No 4 of our newsletter version of Homefront publications. We are going to focus on recipes, pagan blots and feeding tips for your picky eaters, and we will throw in a few other smaller on Miron Aku… Continue Reading


Homefront #3 #Download


Welcome to issue number 3 of our HomeFront newsletter, we are happy to have an issue out just in time for Ostara! Send us in pictures of the colouring page we have featured and we will publish them on our… Continue Reading


A Moment To Give Appreciation and Thanks


I would like to take a moment to give Thanks to a group of ladies who have once again shown their love and devotion to our folk. Women for Aryan Unity has recently ended a fundraiser to help the Sacramento… Continue Reading


HomeFront #Newsletter #IssueNo2


Welcome to the second issue of our HomeFront Newsletter, thank you for all the great feedback we got after we published the first issue. This Issue has a huge autumn theme and i may have been hungry when i compiled… Continue Reading


HomeFront #Newsletter #IssueNo1


For the near future HomeFront will now be a newsletter versus a magazine with 45+ pages, we just don’t have the time to commit to such a large project each issue, we are going to bring out the newsletter every… Continue Reading


#Femininity #Masculinity


“When you recall our basic attitude and policy. Unlike many women’s organizations elsewhere, we don’t fight for what is often called ‘women’s rights.’ Instead, we work hand-in-hand with our menfolk for common aims and purposes. We think that rivalry and… Continue Reading


Support The Order


Hail The Order! If You Quote the 14 Words then consider sending the remaining four imprisoned members money for their canteen! They fought for us, so let us remember them by making life inside as comfortable as possible! Do you… Continue Reading


Remembering Mitford Unity


Inscribed on Unity’s headstone is written “Say not the struggle naught availeth” which means  “Don’t say my struggle meant nothing”