25 Years of WAU

25 Years of WAU

25th2Today February 2nd 2015 marks twenty five years of sisterhood, activism and unity, this is a huge achievement considering what we believe in, fight for and love is considered taboo. WAU have always supported our imprisoned kin, our very first publication 25 years ago was our prisoner’s magazine Keeping the Faith. I started to write to members of the Bruder Schweigen in 1990 so that was only a few years after their incarceration, and four of these men are still in jail, some people like to advocate for one Bruder or worse none but we have always supported them as one group of men, what one Bruder gets the others will get too! When we spoke to David or any of the other men on the phone they didn’t speak of themselves as individual’s but as a group of men who came together to fight as one under one name, we pride ourselves on the fact that for more than 2 decades we have supported them, loved them and more importantly consider them our family!

If you know a woman in WAU you know they work hard on every project, fundraiser, publication, website etc. we are constantly thinking of ways to raise awareness for projects we deem worthy of support like our annual Yulefund, our Adopt A Bruder program, our Welcome to the world little one program and our recent Azov Battalion fundraiser!

We never expect anything from another that we wouldn’t first do ourselves but sometimes it still falls on deaf ears, if every racialist reading this was to support their own financially, spiritually and the like we would be thriving as a FOLK! Small actions bring great rewards! I could write this piece on 25 of years of amazing sisterhood, dedication and unity and actually give ourselves a much needed pat on the back for the constant bullshit we have had to endure from other racial folk, but all we want is for our FOLK to step up, way too many of you are resting on your laurels doing nothing for your folk at all. Think and reflect about what you have done, contributed and offered your Folk! Are you satisfied with your efforts; are you content with your deeds? Are you embarrassed by your lack of action or support for those who are doing it? I can say with confidence that I am proud of my deeds, actions, efforts for my Folk, and honestly my only regret is that I don’t have more hours in the day or more money to donate to those who need it more!

United under the banner of Folkish Ideals and Preservation!

WAU Sisterhood

Estd 1990.

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