Remembering Kathy Ainsworth


In Memoriam: On June 30th 1968 Kathy Ainsworth and her unborn child were murdered. Kathy was just 26 years old and an active Klan member, she was also a very popular grade school teacher in Jackson, Mississippi. Kathy wanted to… Continue Reading


Boycott Movement Profiteers


Supporters of The Order please do not buy merchandise with the Bruder Logo’s or imagery on it if the money is not going to Der Bruders, people are such money hungry despicable parasites! There is a group of people in… Continue Reading


Hot off the press


Issue number 17 of Homefront Magazine and Issue number 14 of Keeping The Faith are now available, find the links for both under the Publications / Magazine links above! We hope you enjoy both and feel free to print out… Continue Reading


Bruder Quotes

Free the Order

              Fair child of light, you are my kin, In body, soul and mind, A spirit calls from deep within, I must preserve your kind, 14-88 David Lane If you want to read more… Continue Reading