Why I like being a part of WAU! (WAU Argentina)


Being a part of WAU is a very important part of my life and there are several reasons why I like it!   As a part of WAU, I can be sure that I’m doing everything I can for the… Continue Reading


Thank You WAU – Jon Cox Headstone


First off I wanted to thank you and WAU for the $100 donation you folks made over 2 years ago for setting the headstone for Jon Cox. We finally purchased the plot in the small gold mining town of Washington… Continue Reading


Maidens of a new generation by Peter Georgacarkos


From the Icelandic glaciers of the north To the Australian deserts down under Valkyrie like maidens proudly step forth To lead Aryan Women from asunder Smiles fresh as the break of day Eyes that sparkle bright Tender in a Woman’s… Continue Reading


Robert J Mathews 30 Years in Valhalla

Robert J Mathews We Remember

    Robert J Mathews Introduction  Robert Mathews was born in Marfa, Texas, 16th January 1955, the last of three boys born to Johnny and Una Mathews. His father, of Scottish descent, was mayor of the town and president of… Continue Reading


Do not let frauds and fakes fool you!!!


WAU has never been part of or supported any biker gangs based in the USA, nor have we supported any of the organizations or groups associated with them (neither deserve mention). It has come to our attention that some women… Continue Reading


Why I like being a part of WAU! (WAU Finland)


I have been a member of WAU for nearly 15 years and what I like best in this group is the strong sense of sisterhood and friendship – different but like-minded and talented women around the world working with important… Continue Reading


Why I like being a part of WAU! (Evelyn)


I have been part of WAU for over half of my life, which is close to 25 years now. These wonderful women have made me laugh until my stomach hurt and who have held me when I have fallen, they… Continue Reading




WAU’s mission is and has always been to help those of our folk in need, whoever they are! For more than 2 decades WAU sisters have spent their time, money and have even put their freedom and lives at risk… Continue Reading


Yule Fund 2014 Sale

If you want to buy any item listed here please contact us at wau.contact@gmail.com All profit goes towards our yule fund! Learn more about our yule fund at: wau14.com/yule-fund-2014